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For Local Residents Only : Singapore Zoo + River Safari Celebration Combo

Enjoy 51% off Singapore Zoo and River Safari combo tickets, same day admission. Promotion valid 1 – 31 August 2016.

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Singapore Zoo

Enter the world’s best rainforest zoo and discover the wonders of wildlife.

Adult: S$33 | Child: S$22
River Safari

Explore Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park.

Adult: S$30 | Child: S$20
Night Safari

Embark on a fascinating journey through the world's very first wildlife night park.

Adult: S$45 | Child: S$30
Jurong Bird Park

Come up close with the feathered residents of Asia's largest bird paradise.

Adult: S$29 | Child: S$19
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Tickets are valid for 7 days*
ParkHopper Plus

Enjoy 4-park admission plus all tram rides, boat rides and the carousel ride.

Adult: S$79 | Child S$59
4-Park Admission

Visit all 4 wildlife parks and enjoy up to 50% savings.

Adult: S$69 | Child S$49
2-Park Admission

Visit any 2 our wildlife parks and enjoy up to 29% savings.

Adult: S$49 - 59 | Child S$39 - 49

Please note that ParkHopper Tickets:

  • Entitle you to one visit per park within 7 days stated on the ticket, inclusive of the first visit date.
  • That include Night Safari and River Safari include the English tram ride and River Safari Cruise boat ride respectively.
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Suspensions due to haze conditions

Park Psi 201 -300 Psi 301 - 400 Psi 401 and above
Night Safari Reduce tram frequency

Amazon River Quest

RFKW/BOP (water play area)

Shows, feeding sessions and animal appearance

All other outdoor rides and activities
Tram rides
Singapore Zoo
River Safari River Safari Cruise
Jurong Bird Park